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About Custer Mediation

Let Me Help You Find A Middle Ground

Offering professional mediation services in Amarillo and surrounding states, Custer Mediation specializes in facilitating alternative paths for resolving disputes. Whether court-ordered or voluntarily sought by individuals or businesses, mediation provides a confidential and informal avenue for conflict resolution, steering clear of litigation. It remains non-binding until all parties reach and sign an agreement.

In a non-confrontational setting, disputing parties convene with a neutral third-party mediator trained to guide discussions toward mutual understanding and agreement. Remote mediation via telephone and electronic means is also available. Mediators refrain from making judgments or affiliating with either party, serving solely as impartial facilitators. Affordable and confidential, mediation stands as a practical solution for conflict resolution.

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Stay Out of Court

Mediation aids in alleviating distress and disruption for all parties involved, while also facilitating the preservation of relationships following the resolution.

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Don't Break the Bank

Mediation typically offers resolution to conflicts at a significantly reduced cost and within a shorter timeframe compared to traditional legal proceedings.

Professional Mediation Services

Cases We Commonly Work

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Dispute Resolution

Dodge a visit to court. Go the mediation route.
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Partnership Dissolution

Dissolve your business in an amicable fashion.
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Remote/Virtual Mediation

Solve conflict through electronic communication.
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Civil Law Mediation

Settle any personal conflicts in a cordial matter.
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Business Mediation

Reach business agreements fairly and objectively.
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Meet Your Mediator

Patrick Custer

NMAS Mediator

Serving as an international mediator since 2018, Patrick Custer is a professional and NMAS-trained mediation specialist trained in the latest methods and up-to-date on the most recent requirements.

Patrick has additionally completed specialized training in Kansas and Oklahoma and is a premium member of mediator.com. Located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle in Amarillo, Custer Mediation offers alternative dispute resolution in several different areas and also provides remote mediation services using video conferencing.

Someone You Can Trust

With a rich background as a business leader, consultant, and entrepreneur, Patrick brings a wealth of expertise to his work with management teams. Founding Venture Pacific Group as its Managing Partner, his focus was on facilitating business ventures between the US and the Asia Pacific Rim, providing invaluable strategic insights.

Patrick’s career has included significant roles as an engineer at Texas Instruments and Honeywell, followed by senior executive positions within these corporations. Noteworthy among his accomplishments are his leadership roles as President of Donny Osmond Entertainment and CEO/Chairman of Curtis Mathes.

Guiding Communication With Objectivity

Patrick’s multifaceted career showcases his adeptness in various sectors and has lent his leadership acumen to various corporate and non-profit boards, underscoring his commitment to broader organizational goals.

Widely acknowledged as a dynamic speaker, he is often sought after for his insights on entrepreneurship and leadership. His engaging talks have graced esteemed institutions such as SMU’s EMBA and Global MBA programs, the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management, Texas Tech University, Peking University, and numerous other educational platforms worldwide.

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