Mediator, Patrick Custer

Welcome to Custer Mediation

Patrick operates as a professional mediator across several states and was trained through the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) for mediation on an international scale. He is a proud alumnus of Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Dallas. He was the CEO/Administrator of a hospital, two clinics, and a Senior Living Center during the COVID pandemic. Although he has since transitioned from the CEO position, he remains actively engaged as the Project Director overseeing grants awarded to the hospital.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a seasoned business leader, consultant, and entrepreneur, Patrick brings a wealth of expertise to his interactions with management teams. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Venture Pacific Group, a specialized advisory firm focusing on fostering business ventures between the US and the Asia Pacific Rim.

In his earlier career phases, Patrick served as an engineer at Texas Instruments and Honeywell before ascending to senior executive positions in both corporations. Notably, he held roles such as President of Donny Osmond Entertainment, CEO/Chairman of Curtis Mathes, and contributed his leadership as a director on various corporate and non-profit boards.

Recognized as a dynamic speaker on topics of entrepreneurship and leadership, Patrick has delivered engaging talks at esteemed institutions like SMU’s EMBA and Global MBA programs, the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management, Texas Tech University, Peking University, and numerous educational platforms worldwide.