Dispute Resolution

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Resolve Conflicts Without Involving the Legal System

Settling disputes between oneself and peers, coworkers, or family members is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. It is one that must be learned in order to reach agreements within personal conflicts throughout a person’s life. While this is highly achievable, it does need to be developed, and most situations are rather time sensitive. That is where Patrick Custer can be of assistance.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution Keeps You Out of Court

Mediation stands out as a favored avenue within the realm of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This process involves an impartial third party who guides the negotiation toward an agreed upon solution. With the assistance of a seasoned and well-organized mediator in Amarillo, both sides in a conflict can arrive at an equitable and mutually gratifying resolution.

During the process, the mediator does not make any decisions. Their purpose is to use their expertise in negotiation to bring the parties to a voluntary agreement. This enables disputing entities the ability to control the outcome outside of a courtroom scenario wherein the ultimate choices are made by judges or juries.

The appeal of mediation lies in its reputation for saving time and reducing costs—a factor that resonates with many. Civil litigation can stretch over years, incurring excessive expenses in legal and courtroom fees. Patrick Custer advocates for mediation services as a means to help clients avoid an extensive ordeal and the financial strain that comes with a trip to court.

How to Find the Best Dispute Resolution Mediator in Amarillo For You

A Skilled Mediation Professional Will:
  • Demonstrate a high level of communication proficiency
  • Give a listening ear to every party involved in the dispute
  • Help identify the issues that led to the underlying conflict
  • Adhere to professional standards and ethical guidelines
  • Persist in seeking common ground and resolution
  • Adept at identifying underlying issues
Mediation should serve as a catalyst to overcome roadblocks that lie in the way of resolution, motivating all parties to settle in a mutually advantageous manner.

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