Remote Mediation

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Mediation Services for Remote Clients & Cases

Alternatives are provided for parties facing scheduling conflicts or travel constraints. Sessions can be conducted via phone, email, Skype, or other virtual platforms tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.
If you want to keep your disputes out of court, contact Custer Mediation at (806) 806-2571 to inquire about the benefits of mediation services.

How Remote Mediation Works

Almost every facet of our society, including the legal system, relies heavily on technological advancements that continue to be made. Everybody is not only constantly having to keep up with the times, but also think about the restrictions that might inhibit one’s ability to attend mediations.

We do not believe there should be any reason to postpone a mediation if both parties cannot be physically present when we have the tools to carry it out remotely. This is why cases are built around each of our clients’ unique circumstances. The expenses and time that go into travel efforts can also be a factor that prohibits one of the parties from being able to attend in-person, and the whole purpose of our services is to reduce costs associated with dispute resolution.

At Custer Mediation, we utilize telephone and email communication as well as video conferencing platforms to ensure all relevant parties involved have the ability to join the meetings. Software that exists for this purpose is readily available for clients to use at their convenience. Everyone will be able to be present during the exact same time. The only requirement is that each person has a connection to broadband internet.

In situations that individuals want to meet on their own time and individually, separate mediation sessions can be arranged where each party is allocated the same amount of time to present their case. Remote sessions can be scheduled as one meeting or can be broken out into shorter periods. We also offer assistance with document preparation if needed.

Benefits of Remote Mediation

It Might Be Right for You If:
  • More than one party involved lives in a different town
  • Finances are tight, and you want to avoid travel
  • Your schedule requires flexibility when it comes to meeting
  • An involved party is bed-bound or sick
  • The issue is urgent and requires immediate resolution
  • Tensions are high between involved parties
The sole purpose of a mediator is to bring about the best possible outcome for both parties in disputes. Remote mediation might be a good choice for your case if any of the above apply to you.

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If you have a skilled mediator, a good internet connection, and get ready properly, there is no need to delay mediations. If you are concerned about how the processes works, speak with Custer Mediation at (806) 806-2571 or use our online contact form.